Frequently Asked Questions

1. Fundraising Fees and Volunteer Commitment


Fundraising is  required for all players U9 and up

At the time of registration, there are 2 options for fundraising:

- a $100.00 FUNDRAISING FEE monetary pay out

- Identify that you will sell $100 of raffle tickets, which will be provided by April 15th and stubs and money returned by determined date

IF your commitment is not met, the remaining balance will be added to your account and your player will not be permitted to continue play.


Each player is required to commit to a minimum of  4 hours of association volunteer time.  Association volunteer hours can be achieved at the Tournament, Black Gold Rodeo, or if you have a U16+ child, they can volunteer to help assistant coach Timbits, U9, or U11. If volunteer commitment is not met, a $200 fee will will be added to your RAMP account, payment of which will be required prior to any future registration.

Volunteer Commitment will not be required if

o   A parent signs up to be on the board or

o   A parent is the head coach of a team

NOTE: Financial assistance from the Canadian Tire Jumpstart  program or  is available. Ask us about it.

2. Uniform Deposit

Leduc Minor Softball will provide your child with a uniform (jersey and belt). A $50 uniform fee will be applied to your account if your child does not return their uniform at the end of the season. This fee will be required to be paid prior to any future registration. 

There is no uniform deposit for the Timbit players and they get to keep their jerseys.

3. Additional Training

We will be posting on our website any additional training camps and clinics that we will be hosting. Sign up for some events will be limited and will be on a first come first served basis.

For information on additional training camps and clinics for players, coaching certification courses and umpire clinics, visit the Softball Alberta website at

Coaches will schedule practices with the team before and throughout the season. Players are expected to attend these practices.

4.  ELITE  teams

This year we offerin ELITE teams for the 2024 season. These teams have been made already. For all addtiional registered players, we will tiering the players mid March. 

2024 ELITE Fee ($375.00)

This fee will be the additional association aspect of the competitive teams

It would include:

5. Additional Information

Ø  Indoor practices will start in mid April and will move outside as soon as weather permits.

Ø  All players must have the following: glove, helmet (with cage and chinstrap), outdoor runners or cleats (no metal), groin protector

Ø  water bottle, sun screen and bug spray are recommended 

Ø  Pitchers will need to wear a face guard when they are pitching. All players are required to have an infield mask from U11 up.

Ø  Players can use their own bats as long as they meet the requirements from Softball Canada 

Ø  An equipment or “bat” bag is a handy thing for players to carry their equipment in but it is not mandatory.

Ø  The Timbits program will be taking place in Leduc and will operate evenings , timbits required their own helmet

Ø  The U11, U13, U15, U17 and U19 teams will be playing in ,an Edmonton league, against teams from within and around Edmonton. Travel to those diamonds will be required.

Ø  There will be a league tournament for each age group at the end of the season, please note the weekend of June 21-23, 2024, there will be games that whole weekend

Ø  Teams may go to additional tournaments including the provincial tournament. The coaches will discuss this with the players during the season.  Leduc hosts a U11-U19 tournament the weekend of 24-26th, all teams will be registered. 

Ø  Evolution Sports Excellence is offering a discount for all purchases for softball – just mention our name.

6. Player Transfer Policy: Leduc Minor Softball will review player transfer requests after February 15 each season (1 month after registration opens). The policy can be found here: 

ALL  players, U15 and under who wish to register on a team outside their own local association for the softball season must apply each year for a Player Transfer. This Player Transfer will be accepted by Softball Alberta subject to the release of the player from their home association only. 

Our belief in our association is that any player who has an opportunity within another organization, at any age or level, they can request a transfer. We endevour to support our Jets Athletes finding a best fit for their season, and will give answers sooner if possible. We always hope you will choose Jets Softball, but we understand that circumsatances or opportunities may be available that you would like to explore. All players that are looking for opportunities outside of Leduc are requested to tryout within our organization as well. Evaluation of the athletes supports the transfer conversation, as well gives the organizaton an opportunity to identify skill level for assessment. Our organization always strives to do better, if there are ideas or suggestion you have to support keeping athletes in Leduc, we always welcome feedback and supportive ideas. 

For players looking to play in Leduc who are from outside out catchement area, we will always encourage you to have open dialogue with your home organization first and foremost. We do welcome all players who are looking to be part of the Jets family if we have the space. We do ackowledge that organizaton do have a variety of transfer policies, but will support the conversation with open dialogue and discussion. 

You can contact us anytime at

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"There'll be no sugar and spice when I'm on the mound"

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"Softball. There ain't nothing soft about it!"

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"You learn softball, you learn to like softball, then you learn to love softball."

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