Frequently Asked Questions

1. Fundraising Fees and Volunteer Commitment

At the time of registration, a $100.00 FUNDRAISING FEE will be charged for each player. At the start of the season, each player will get two books of raffle tickets. When you sell the raffle tickets you keep the money. There will be a maximum of 4 books of raffle tickets assigned to families with multiple children signed up for softball. A $250 VOLUNTEER DEPOSIT CHEQUE will be required at registration, and will not be cashed unless hours are not completed. Each family is required to commit to a minimum of 4 credits of volunteer time.  Team volunteer hours can be completed throughout the season by helping at practices, games (scorekeeping, bench assistant, ump). League volunteer hours can be achieved at the Tournament, parade, or if you have a U16+ child, by them volunteer to help assistant coach Learn to Play or U10.

Fundraising Fees and Volunteer Commitment will not be required if

o   A parent signs up to be on the executive or

o   A parent is the head coach of a team

NOTE: Registration fees and fundraising fees will be deposited on 1 April 2019

NOTE: Financial assistance from the Canadian Tire Jumpstart program is available. Ask us about it.


2. Uniform Deposit

Leduc Minor Softball will provide your child with a uniform. A $50 uniform deposit will be required as a separate cheque. If your child does not return their uniform at the end of the season, Leduc Minor Softball will deposit the cheque.

There is no uniform deposit for the Learn To Play players and they get to keep their jerseys.


3. Additional Training

We will be posting on our website any additional training camps and clinics that we will be hosting. Sign up for some events will be limited and will be on a first come first served basis.

For information on additional training camps and clinics for players, coaching certification courses and umpire clinics, visit the Softball Alberta website at

Coaches will schedule practices with the team before and throughout the season. Players are expected to attend these practices.


4. Additional Information

Ø  All teams will be “House” teams. A “House” team is a team whose skill level is between a recreational team’s skill level and a competitive team’s skill level.

Ø  Indoor practices will start in mid April and will move outside as soon as weather permits.

Ø  All players must have the following: glove, outdoor runners, groin protector, water bottle, sun screen and bug spray.

Ø  Players at U12 level and higher will need to have their own helmet with facemask and chin strap.

Ø  Pitchers will need to wear a face guard when they are pitching. Pitchers will have to provide their own face guard.

Ø  U12 and higher players will wear groin protection whenever they are playing.

Ø  Players can use their own bats as long as they have “Official Softball” printed on them.

Ø  An equipment or “bat” bag is a handy thing for players to carry their equipment in but it is not mandatory.

Ø  The Learn to Play program will be taking place in Leduc and will operate from 6:00-7:00pm

Ø  The U10 Mites will be playing in the EYSA League this year. Travel to those diamonds will be required.

Ø  The U12, U14, U16 and U19 teams will be playing in an Edmonton league against teams from within and around Edmonton. Travel to those diamonds will be required.

Ø  There will be a league tournament for each age group at the end of the season.

Ø  Teams may go to additional tournaments including the provincial tournament. The coaches will discuss this with the players during the season.

Ø  Evolution Spots is offering a discount for all purchases for softball – just mention our name.


We still need people to help out as part of the softball executive and as coaches. Remember you don’t have to pay the fundraising fee and volunteer commitment if you are on the executive or a coach.

You can contact us anytime at

"When we played softball, I'd steal second base, feel guilty and go back"

~ Woody Allen
Everything nice
"There'll be no sugar and spice when I'm on the mound"

~ Unknown
Make up
"When all the girls were getting all made up and getting into all that girl stuff in junior high I was out playing softball"

~ Catherine Bell
Soft Balls?
"Softball. There ain't nothing soft about it!"

~ unknown
Batter's Box
"When I step into batter’s box, the fans, the noise, the cheers, they all disappear. For that moment, the world is just a battle between me and the pitcher. And more than anything, I want to win." ~Mary W., second base, California

~ Mary W
Learn, like, love
"You learn softball, you learn to like softball, then you learn to love softball."

~ unknown
"My responsibility for my team is to make them play for the team on the front of the jersey not the back."

~ unknown coach